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Managed Web Hosting, a concept that is new to the Web Hosting market, has emerged. Computer Service and Repair is a new trend in the web hosting industry. These services are often referred to by the term'managed' hosting.

What do you think?

Decide if you really need a dedicated web server first. In order to host a highly-trafficked website, you will require a dedicated hosting server. You can use shared hosting if you just have a tiny website that receives low traffic. The dedicated server will cost more to rent, and be harder to manage than the shared solution. However, if you are relying on a reliable service for your business then renting one is a good idea.

The main disadvantage to dedicated web hosting, is the fact that you'll have to perform a great deal of server management yourself. To do so you need some technical knowledge. In this case, you may require managed hosting.

Find Managed Hosting Services

Many web hosts, who previously offered only dedicated and shared web hosting services, are now offering managed services as well. If you are looking for managed web hosting, the best place to begin is by searching on search engines or in hosting directories. A good way to get started is by reaching out to hosts offering dedicated hosting, and asking them if managed hosting can be provided.

The companies that provide managed hosting offer it either as a per-item service or a plan pre-configured. The per-item option allows you to select the specific services you desire.