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English is now the language dominant on the Internet our website. Internet learning will become dominant. This is the fastest-growing change in how languages are taught.

Internet changes constantly. It's created a dynamic atmosphere for information and communication. Internet-based social interactions have no boundaries. MP3, iPods Skype PDAs as well as Blogs and Podcasts make an enormous variety of information, literature and news available at any time and anywhere. Interactive communities are being formed based upon common interests without consideration of geography. It will turn the traditional approach to language acquisition on its head. English dominates the Internet from areas such as entertainment and science. It is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to learn English.

Access English content in any field and gain knowledge. It is possible to connect with English-speaking people who share similar interests. It is possible to do so via email, blogs, podcasts or forums. Internet Telephony allows you to communicate with language teachers or friends. World Wide Web has become the most dynamic and interactive classroom.

Here are a few reasons why the Internet is the best place to learn English in the future.

Primace of Input

To learn English, or another language, it is important to have input which is meaningful, engaging and appropriate for your ability. Language learning experts today emphasize listening, reading and grammar study over output. It is important to get familiarized with the language in order to be able use it. There's no need to hurry up to start speaking English. You also don't have to do it every day to get better.

"Real Language Acquisition develops Slowly, and Speaking Skills Emerge Significantly Later Than Listening Skills, Even When Conditions Are Perfect. These methods should be able to provide students with 'comprehensible' input in low anxiety environments, and messages they want. This method does not require students to start speaking the language early, but allows them to do so when they're ready. It recognizes that improvements come from providing a communicative, understandable input and not by forcing or correcting their production." Stephen Krashen.

As a child you did not begin your language learning by speaking. It was listening that you began with. The "silent" period is a great tool for language beginners. The "silent phase" allows you to absorb the language. You don't have to force yourself until you become confident. You can still improve your language skills by reading and hearing the language. This will also enrich your vocabulary. The reading and listening is much more effective than learning grammar.

It is important to listen and read regularly, but the content should be interesting. The content of the learning material should interest you and be easy to understand. It is up to you and not the instructor what content should be used. Internet provides a vast selection of interesting, authentic content. It is impossible for the traditional textbook to compete.

In the past, motivated learners would spend time browsing bookshops in search of graded material that they could use to help their language learning. But, this content was often only found in dull textbooks and reader. It is now possible to access authentic material on various subjects with just a few clicks. This is true especially for people who are trying to learn English.

New systems allow for a wide range of materials to be made available to students, as they can now be graded according to their vocabulary. It is not difficult to learn English through listening and reading.

Grammar is not the only thing that matters. Vocabulary also plays a role.

You must have a good command of at least 10,000 English vocabulary words to become fluent in English. Internet allows you to choose the content that is most appropriate to read or listen to. Content can be rated according to your ability. How do you learn and retain all of those new words? It is amazing how fast we can forget words after looking them up in the dictionary. It's hard to keep up with all the words. The Internet helps you learn vocabulary much more easily.

Online dictionaries, such as Babylon, allow you to search words quickly. Some learning programs create custom word lists for the user as they learn new words. You can use this software to collect sentences that contain these words in the context of familiar listening and reading. This software allows you to set up vocabulary goals, and track your progress.

Internet allows you to accumulate vocabulary quickly and efficiently based on dynamic, interesting content that is customized for your individual needs. Internet is the best place to learn English because of its combination of unlimited content, efficient learning of new vocabulary and the ability to quickly acquire it.

Lernen in Bits

The word "vocabulary" does not just mean a collection of words. The term can be used to describe phrases or chunks. It is also a phrase, or a chunk of words. Michael Lewis is one of those who first pointed out the fact that learning language involves chunks or lexical phrase. Internet and computers make it easier.

The computer allows you to collect chunks of language as you read or listen. They are then stored in an easily accessible database. The larger contexts you already know can be used to link the phrases and chunks. No need to depend on dictionary definitions. The language chunks can be studied in many different ways: in fragments, as sentences and in a context you can read and listen to.

You will gradually acquire a sense of how to use words. The natural way to correct language usage is by learning it this way. You will learn more quickly and easily than if you try to memorize or apply grammar rules.

Once you have gained confidence, and you are able to use English regularly and learn words and phrases, it is inevitable that you want to converse with native speakers. Internet provides more possibilities than classrooms.

You can find better tutors online

Internet helps people find each other. Searching on some professional sites can help you find writers, editors or other professionals who speak native English and are willing to act as tutors. This pool is a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their English. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

It is not necessary to have a teacher who has a degree in linguistics in order to study English via the Internet. This new teaching paradigm doesn't require that teachers are well-versed in grammar and language. Internet tutors should have a passion for people and a good command of their native language. They also need to be able to offer a wealth of experience.

Internet allows you to choose a tutor with an accent or interests that match your own.

Meaningful communication

Skype makes computer conversations easy and free. Get your friends to chat together or book an appointment with a teacher.

The tutor can be contacted at any time to arrange a Skype session. Skype lets you schedule individual or group sessions with a tutor. Joining Skype is easy. You can either invite friends, or you can make new friends. The tutor only needs to provide feedback and advice at your convenience. Grammar instruction and quizzes are not necessary, because you learn the language by doing input.

Internet-based discussions are relaxed and friendly. Learners and tutors form friendships in this environment. This is not a stressful lesson. It is a great opportunity to talk. Record these conversations, or create oral essays of your own and share them. This will allow you to track your progress when you study English online.

Writing is a great way to enhance your ability to express yourself accurately. Internet-based corrections can be organized efficiently and seamlessly integrated into your speaking and input activities. Both your original text and corrected text can be recorded permanently by systems. This record can contain information about your tutor's comments and details of the mistakes you made. To reinforce your learning, tutors may record audio of corrected sentences. This writing could be for anything from blogging to academic essays.

Motivation and enjoyment

It is enjoyable to learn on the internet. Internet reduces tension in the classroom, and it increases motivation. You can choose your content. Vocabulary is easily learned, you are constantly measured in progress, and it is community-based.

Bloggers and teachers share their knowledge in existing communities. The world comes together to share their experiences. Bloggers are free to post their posts in English, in the language they speak or even in another language. English has become the language of communication for people with different cultural backgrounds. It's not an assignment but rather a fun, meaningful, and enjoyable activity. An infectious enthusiasm will help you learn. The learning process is different from studying. The language is more of a way to make new friends and discover new cultures.


Internet learning can be more effective. The importance of efficiency is that it generates intensity. To become fluent in another language, you need to be very intense.

Another reason is that efficiency is very important. It is your right to get a reasonable return for the time and investment you make in learning a language. The traditional method of teaching languages often ignores the fact that efficiency is crucial to learning English.

"I studied English for over 14 months at a school. "It was a complete waste of my time and money." Humberto Soto was a recent Canadian immigrant.

Internet classrooms are more effective than the traditional classroom. It can be difficult to adapt to different learning levels and interests. The results are usually stress and boredom. People are often discouraged and convinced by the school experience that they can't learn to speak a foreign language. Many people lose interest in learning a new language and stop trying.

Internet offers a world of effective and enjoyable language learning for those who wish to learn English. Internet provides a much higher quality and greater variety of content than a typical classroom. Internet provides you with a wide range of communication and learning opportunities that classrooms cannot provide. It is possible to set objectives and track progress. It is an integrated, enjoyable and highly effective learning environment.

All ages are interested in this new learning method. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that 70% of Americans between 55 and 64 years old use the Internet. Europe and Asia are also experiencing similar trends.

Linguist, A Community of Learning

The Linguist is a method of learning as well as a group. The first language-learning system designed specifically to use the Internet's possibilities. The system was developed initially to assist people in learning English. Now, it is being revised and extended to provide other major languages. It is expected that the Linguist model will have many future applications in lifelong learning.

Internet and new learning technologies are changing the world forever. This system is going to influence the teaching of many different subjects. This will enable people from all around the globe to exchange their expertise, knowledge and learn together in different languages. Internet offers us many opportunities to improve our English. One of the other lessons we can learn on the internet is how to study.