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Popular Mens Perfumes

It is important that he smells good. The most common response we hear from women or see in magazines is "He should smell good". The importance of hygiene and grooming cannot be understated.

Online shopping ESNC Men Perfumery for perfume offers men a huge selection of the most popular fragrances. Picking the best is not easy!

Please read on for a few useful tips.

Guide to Fragrance

What you can expect will depend on the amount of pure parfum essence contained in the container. It can help you set your budget, based upon the amount of pure perfume essence in the bottle.

* Parfum. A parfum has a scent that is 20-30% perfume essence. The fragrance of a parfum will normally last all day.

EDP (Eau de Parfum). A milder fragrance, EDP consists of 15-20% pure essential oil and alcohol. The perfume will need to be reapplied throughout the whole day.

EDT (Eau de Toilette), which is milder still, contains between 5-15% pure scent essence that has been dissolved with alcohol.

Cologne / Eau de Cologne - This is the most common masculine perfume. It's usually made up of alcohol and 2-4% perfume oil. It only lasts a few minutes.


All international fragrances for men are made of various "notes" that combine to form the scent. These can be divided up into

The Top Notes are, as their name suggests the first scents to be perceived. These notes will determine whether or not the fragrance has an overall floral, fruity scent. The fragrances usually vanish as soon as they burst.

Heart Notes * Heart Notes are the notes that appear after top notes fade. These scents have a softer, more mellow quality.

Base notes - These are what appear as soon as the top note disappears. Base notes can be deep, dense and rich. As they age, the base notes become richer and more concentrated.


First, it is important to test the scent of the perfume. Each person has their own unique combination of pheromones.

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